Hunter Capital means more than making the financial decisions;

It’s about the confidence you need to stay the course and get there.



At Hunter Capital, we understand our clients have individual financial needs, goals and visions of where they want to go. We are an independent financial management, planning and consulting firm that works personally, responsibly and reliably with our clients – both individuals and businesses – to help them get there. For us, helping provide a sound and secure financial future for each client is paramount. In this constantly shifting economy, today more than ever before, we also know that our clients need custom-tailored financial plans to help them meet their specific objectives.




As in life, when it comes to your financial future, the most meaningful results are not always the easiest to achieve. No bridge or skyscraper was ever built without a plan.  No good teacher ever taught a course without an effective lesson plan.


Why would you expect that you can have long term financial success without a long-term plan? We work hard to make sure YOU experience the lifestyle that you deserve TODAY.



At Hunter Capital we help individuals and institutions manage the financial areas that are important in their lives – income, education, retirement and estates, just to name a few.


What sets us apart from most other financial firms is our personalized, consistent attention in managing each client’s portfolio and our quick response to our clients’ concerns.


We are comfortable advising clients in all aspects of their investment process, and place no limits on our services under our all-inclusive fee structure. When we serve as a Consultant, we serve in an advisory capacity only and do not offer investment products or manage money on behalf of clients, which maintains our objectivity and integrity.


We provide guidance and advice as to how our client’s assets should be managed.