Wealth Management.

Many times the most important thing that we do as financial advisors is help demystify the very complex world of finance.  We try to make complex ideas more easily understood so that you, the client, can make financial and life decisions that are in your best interests. We don’t offer a “cookie cutter” approach, merely comparing our clients’ returns to the indexes; we compare their returns and risks to their individual plans so that we can effectively meet their unique needs.

While it is just one facet of each client’s overall financial composition, wealth management is a very important component.  We constantly keep your goals and objectives in mind through planning and consultation in this key area. In other words, we keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your dreams.

The “Bucket Approach”

At Hunter Capital, we utilize something we call the “Bucket Approach” to investing, otherwise known as “Asset Allocation.”  History shows the greatest impacts on investment returns for the past 100 years have been the risks that have been taken and the amount of time that investments have spent staying in the market.  Taking some risk is necessary to achieve wealth, but it only works when it is managed well; just taking risks doesn’t get you where you want to go—you must take sensible risks—risks which are appropriate for you, your family and potentially your organization.  Market timing simply does not work; jumping in and out of the market will most likely create unpleasant experiences and potentially devastating performance.

The Bucket Approach is not gambling—it is investing.  There is a difference.  We do not blunder forward unseeing and uncaring, but diversify your investments and try to take advantage of market dislocations or opportunities as they come along. We label our buckets “Defensive”, “Diversified” and “Aspirational”.   Our Defensive Bucket takes little market risk and tends to produce income and steady returns over time.  This bucket may consist of cash, CDs, Corporate and Municipal Bonds, etc.  The Diversified Bucket tends to move as you would expect, with the markets.  It may consist of stocks, bonds, commodities, structured and insurance products.  The Aspirational Bucket tends to move more rapidly than the Diversified Bucket.  It may consist of similar items that are in the Diversified Bucket, but tends to be more concentrated and tactical.

Again, market timing does not work for the average investor.  Investing takes discipline and time.  We help our clients develop a strategy to meet their long term planning objectives.  We review progress on a regular basis and make changes that are in line with the changing lives and needs of our clients, working one on one with each to pursue success.  Asset allocation is an investment strategy that will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss. A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.
Disclosure: Cetera does not offer direct investments in commodities.